Not Blogging? You're Holding Yourself Back

Not Blogging? You’re Holding Yourself Back

I’ll be bold:

If you’re trying to do build an online business or personal brand without a blog, you’re holding yourself back.

It’s impossible to succeed without a blog. This is the truth and you need to hear it.

If you don’t have a blog, you have to work ten times harder (or pay ten times as much for nearly everything) to get any organic traction with search engines.

Your pitches will take a lot longer to be seen or resonate with your market, niche and audience, too. The educational content people find on blogs may not sell products directly, but it does something just as important: it builds trust between the reader and yourself, your business and your brand.

Trust, especially for big purchases like online courses, sells. It’s as simple as that and the difference between trying to convince customers to buy from you and making them want to engage and buy from you.

Blogging isn’t the only way to foster trust, of course. There are a ton of other marketing strategies that don’t require long-winded posts (or emails) to move customers from the top of the funnel all the way down to your bottom line.

If you’re trying to sell ebooks, letting someone else — like an influencer — handle the mechanics of building trust with an audience can be just as effective, though you can anticipate paying for it. If you are an author and have a published book youu can use a site like AUTHORSWEEK to brag for you. This is social proof!

(Fortunately, it’s far from the only strategy to sell ebooks, even if it is an awesome one.)

Likewise, if you’re a developer trying to earn more income — which is a cinch if you run a mentoring program or sell digital downloads —  you can lean on social proof, or testimonials from customers, to promote your business and earn people’s trust.

Basically, making money online comes down to managing relationships. Put in the elbow grease to make visitors trust you and they’ll reward you by becoming customers.

Cut corners, though, and they’ll follow suit.

Here are 5 resources from our friends at Podia to make your business more trustworthy (and lucrative) 

And in the spirit of that trust, here are three articles and two comprehensive (but quick!) videos to help you solve your creator woes and sell more products.

Check it out:

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