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How Much is Your Current Tech Stack Costing You?

Hosting, SSL Security & Backup and management. (Plugin updates, backup recovery etc)


Automated tagging and power engagements at every stage of the customer journey. (Costs tied to number of subscribers)

$25 to $450+

Personalizing the learning experience with quizzes, progress tracking, and certificates.

$67 to $250+

Landing page builder for generating leads and growing your email lists . Having the ability to rapidly create custom landing.

$25 to $349+
Shopping Cart $25 to $99+

Taking payments for one-time or recurring plans, and handling subscription management.

$25 to $99+

Protecting and delivering online content, in an automated and dripped fashion.

$67 to $190

Making sure that your email marketing automation platform has all of the latest student data, lead magnet sign ups and funnel data.


You Might Be Spending Up To $450 to $1500/month on Tech Tools

Replace 6 to 10 different tools with one proven system, that pays for itself.

With Bloom Factor Pro you get everything you need to run and scale your business, seamlessly. All for just $150/month.

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It’s Time To Level Up with Bloom Factor Pro

Thank you, Michael!! Its been so eye-opening and wonderful to work with you and be coached by you. You really "know your stuff" as they say, and you have so many valuable strengths for entrepreneurs getting their businesses off the ground!!
Brooke Adams
Brooke Adams
Co Founder
Have your doughnut and eat it too. Bloom Factor Pro

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